Monday, 15 October 2007

Blog Action Day

On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future

I would like to thank the people at for taking such initiative.

Biotechnology could prove to be one of the most efficient tools our societies possess against the impending environmental disaster humankind is about to face. Over the years this science has developed solutions that actually have adapted very well in our everyday lives. Nevertheless, in the global scale biotech solutions are only a small fraction of what can be actually utilized in our fight against environmental destruction.

These new technologies can be used to eradicate problems that create environmental threats. Genetically modified organisms like bacteria will be used in the future in order to dispose of waste products, create new forms of usable energy of waste products and at the same time create oxygen. This could seem like a science fiction scenario but such technology is not only possible but it actually exists at a small scale.

The environmental revolution will begin with the practices developed by Environmental Biotechnology research and will bring solutions such as:

  • Water treatment and purification
  • Sewage treatment
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Abolition of chemical pesticides which will have a positive effect on the soil and on the ecosystem in general
  • Agrofuel (biofuel) which is already in use in many countries
  • Bioenergy from waste
  • Creation of biodegradable plastics
  • Elimination of oil slicks

Research centers like Center for Environmental Biotechnology are the pioneers of thought concerning such new technologies. To learn more visit:

Biotechnology will provide solutions for the environmental problems we face; this does not mean that we must get lethargic and confident that the scientific community will solve the problems of the world. The environment is a global issue that concerns us all, it is up to us to make a difference and change our mentalities towards the way we so willingly abuse the natural resources of our planet.


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